Wonder Woman DISC

William Marston wrote the book that first established the theory of DISC. He is also the creator of Wonder Woman. Her powers can be shown to represent the DISC styles:

D Style: Magic Bracelets:  When an Amazon loses her bracelets she goes insane with rage. Additionally, if a villain fuses the bracelets together, it weakens the wearers. This fits the D style’s fear of being taken advantage of and of being an independent worker.

I Style: Power Tiara:  The tiara is golden and very pretty. It attracts attention, yet it can protect Wonder Woman. This fits the I style’s need for social recognition.

S Style: Understanding & Communicating with Animals:  She takes the time to slow down and really listen. This fits the S style’s ability to build strong relationships and listen to others.

C Style: Lasso of Truth:  When a criminal is bound with her lasso they are bound to tell the truth. This fits the C style’s desire to know the truth.

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