The following testimonials from either clients or people in the audience at one of Jill’s speaking events. If you would like to leave your own testimonial click HERE.

Actually taking the personality profile and learning my personality style, helped me make a quantum leap to understanding the people I work with.


I retained the services of Jill Davis to assist my office team in understanding the DISC profile. It was a great decision. She spoke to us in simple and understandable terms and allowed us to gain so much insight about our office and how to work with each other. She showed us to listen better and understand how others hear what we are saying. This improved the quantity and level of communication that we now have in our office. This training has provided a platform for us to continue to improve our skills as a team and also how we relate and communicate to our clients.

Jay D. Parks

Jay D. Parks & Associates, CPA's, A P.C.

She is a vibrant and gifted speaker. Her speaking style captivated me through out her speech about her faith journey.


Jill hit it out of the park! I have attended hundreds of conferences and inviting Jill to present at our Staff Retreat was one of the smartest moves I have made in a long time. Our staff was engaged, inquisitive and truly interested in how to communicate better and more efficiently. Why? Because Jill gave practical tips to help in day-to-day life. What amazed me is watching our staff read their profiles, communication is improving and stress is being reduced. It’s amazing to see! We look forward to an ongoing relationship as we grow.

Joy Morales Cress, M.A.

Executive Director, The Career Building Academy

Jill’s energetic and engaging style really help me see how our personalities play into our relationships with friends and significant others.


Understanding personalities has helped me tremendously, personally and professionally. I understand how my friends, family, co-workers and bosses need to be communicated with which leads to more productive and effective relationships.

Martha Chinnock

Jill’s personal stories made such a difference to my understanding of faith. She gave me hope.


I have known Jill Davis personally for over 12 years. During this time I have known her to be one of the most positive and encouraging people I have met. Jill tempers this with a shot of down to earth reality to also make her clients think outside of the box. She is steadfast and true. I have worked with Jill learning the DISC personality profiles to aid in my business relationships and it has helped immensely. I understand how my clients and co-workers think and react to things and it has helped our office run better. Our team is better able to relate to each other and conflict is reduced. I believe Jill and the DISC system, which she explains in detail and trained us to use, is an invaluable asset to our company and me personally.

Anne Vinnola

Co-owner~ Intermountain Media LLC, Editor in Chief~ Common Sense News, CO

I’m so thankful for the insights Jill offered me into the personalities of my children. While I have learned a lot about “spotting” the personalities, it is sometimes difficult to find the best way to relate to them. She gave me real-life scenarios in how to best relate to my children in the words and feelings each of them identify with. I’m implementing these ideas into our daily life and am already seeing a difference in how I relate to my children and how they are responding to me. It has given me a way to talk with my children and build them up while giving them the tools to communicate in a healthy way. We’re all seeing a new way of communicating that allows the
other person to truly hear what is being said or asked of them. I am so thankful to Jill for opening my eyes to a new way of encouraging and relating to each of my children in a way that best meets each of their individual needs.

Maggie Barrentine

Jill met me right where I was, a grown woman preparing for a big presentation, but feeling like the little girl that was told to sit down, be quiet and not draw attention to myself. The butterflies in my stomach had brought along their big brothers.

Jill helped me see how the messages I had been given as a child and young person around my personality type had served to quash rather than polish me. She gave me tools to move past the fear and into confidence. I am forever grateful for how Jill spoke into my life.

Emily Chase Smith

CEO, Chase-SmithPress

Jill’s honesty about her life journey give me hope.


Jill gave me the encouragement to look at the reason why my job is so exhausting to me. I think it might be time for a change.


I am lucky to know and trust these things about Jill Davis’ ways of communicating. She is capable of clear listening and witnessing. She has the heart and discipline to pause, self-reflect and then shift her own communications and actions to what’s needed. Jill models real communication with real results

Jude Blitz M.A.

Psychotherapist and Coach, Living Arts Foundation

No matter your role in life, most chances are that you’re interacting with others on a daily basis. When you can understand where another person is coming from and that at the root of everyone is the desire to be heard, accepted and loved – no matter their personalities, then you can get to the main points sooner than later when you’re working with others, no matter personally or
professionally. Having even a simple understanding of the different types of personalities is a great place to start and has been extremely helpful!

Stephanie Johnson

Jill is a Gracious and Genuine speaker. Her humor and great stories kept me entertained as I journeyed through her life and mine.


Understanding personalities helps me relate to my daughter who is very different from me! I can appreciate her for who she is even though I often don’t see the world the same way she does!

Scarlet Wetherby

Jill helped me improve my parenting style, by showing me how to work with my child in his own personality style.


Jill is a master at helping businesses and corporations clearly understand unique personality & communication styles so that you can be a better leader. From her engaging presentations to her practical methods, she helps leaders uncover their authentic selves. Jill knows how to help you not only the identify the missing pieces that’s keeping you stuck, but she reveals practical strategies you can put to use right away that will help you have better relationships with your colleagues. Putting her system to work equals clarity, confidence and no doubt, an even stronger bottom line.

Jevonnah Ellison

Founder , Maximum Potential Academy

Jill’s outlook on difficult circumstances gave me the positiveness to get me going again.


I contacted Jill when I needed some guidance on doing my weekly meetings at work. Her advice was key in getting me to where I needed
to be. I still use some of her suggestions in my daily routine at work. I ordered the personality profile from her and to be honest I would be lost trying to understand it, but Jill went through it step by step and made sure I understood where I fit in the profile. I learned things about how the brain works and things I could do to prepare for when I had to give a presentation. She is so easy to work with and I am
planning on doing some follow up sessions with her soon. After each session, she was available via email when I needed to ask her a question too! I would recommend her services to anyone. One of the greatest things to me were the book recommendations I got from her as well and she integrated the books into her coaching plan and that was something I could relate to.

Rob Simpson

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