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“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”  Eckhart Tolle                                                                            

I am passionate about understanding personality styles and temperaments.  Over the years my children have picked up on how to identify the different personality styles.  It’s a great vocabulary to have and helps them to easily understand friends and teachers.  It also creates more acceptance of these same teachers and friends as my children can understand that they are just “wired that way”. They have learned to read the visual clues of the personality styles.

Recently I was talking to my daughter about one of her favorite shows “Pretty Little Liars”. I asked her if she could recognize the personality styles of the main characters. Using the visual clues that she has learned this is how she identified their personality styles.

Hanna is an “I”. She loves to throw parties, always wants to be around people, tells lots of stories and is less than studious.

Spencer is a “D”.  She is studious, focused, a leader and a wee bit bossy.

Emily is a “C”.  She is meticulous, quiet and wants to follow the rules.

Aria is an “S”.  She is deeply devoted to the relationships of her family and friends. She tries to keep the peace in the group.

This was an enjoyable way for us to play with the personality style of T.V. characters.  It was fun to see how the visual clues can help anyone become aware of personality styles and thus increase their understanding of others and create better communication and relationship.

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