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Watch Jill Davis’ most requested talk on DISC personality principles! The Gift of Personality is a short presentation on the different DISC Personality types. DISC personality training holds real world value in recruiting, sales, and can also help your interpersonal communication skills.

The Gift Of Personality

Watch Jill Davis’ talk on the virtues of self care! Often people, especially busy professionals neglect themselves and in doing so can cause harm to their relationships, their health, and their soul.

True Self Care is Soul Care

Food does not have moral character. Food is not good or bad nor are you intrinsically good or bad based on the foods you eat or don’t eat. This talk was given at TEDx Colorado Springs.

You Are Not Your Diet Brain

Sometimes we underestimate our selves. In this talk Jill Davis walks you through her journey on how she was able to survive the unsurvivable and gives others ways they can cope with their own situations.

Surviving the Unsurvivable

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