I  love this time of year.  For me this time of year always feels like a new beginning.

This began when I first went to kindegarten.  Walking into Mrs. Erdle’s class, I felt like I had finally arrived.  My mother had arranged for me to start school early, so at the ripe age of 4 ½ I started school. I had been jelous of my siblings for years as they got new lunchboxes, pencils, crayons and even new clothes.  It was FINALLY my turn.

When I walked into that classroom something changed in me.  I went from being the baby of the family and always being the littlest to having peers.  Peers who were asking me to play with THEM!  I remember the smell of the leaves and the feel of the late year sun and the sensation it created with such intensity, that when I feel the lat year sun it always brings a feeling of new beginnings, of hope and of exciting activities to come. Each year the sensation was reinforced as I was given new opportunity for new teachers, new lessons and in many ways a new me.

Fall is truly a beautiful time of year to begin a new adventure. The best way to move into the next season of life is through grattidue for the life we have.

Each year, each season, each day, each moment is a new start.  I wish you JOY as you start this season.

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