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Jill Davis

Jill is trained in Personality Principles and Coaching Strategies.
A single mother of four, she is a successful business owner, life coach, and speaker.
Certified through CTA, she is also a 48 Days Mastery Coach and DISC Certified Trainer.
Jill has been training Behavioral Styles for over 25 years.


Jill Davis Coaching - Here to fit your individual needs

Whether you are simply curious about your own personality, want in-depth coaching, or need a dynamic speaker for your next event Jill  can help. With a wide range of products and services, Jill can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. As a Business and Personal Growth Strategist, She offers workshops and coaching in weight loss, finding your mischievous joy and building your Direct Sales business.

Jill is here to help you use your COURAGE to find CLARITY as you move CONFIDENTLY into a more joyous life path. If you are looking for more fulfillment, personally, professionally or physically.  Jill will help you discover the questions to ask yourself. Finding the answers is the easy part – they’re already a part of you.


Brave, Beautiful, YOU! 

05-05Stop Fighting Your Weight and Start Finding Your Way!
05-05Create Mischievous Joy!
05-05Building Your Beautiful Business
05-05Packages to suit your needs

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Most Requested Key Notes
05-05Surviving the Unsurvivable
05-05The Gift of Personalities
05-05The Story Project for NPR   

       M&Ms to Skinny Jeans


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